01X Project - Farash Grant Project

Concept: To create an experience that will give the public a way to 1) participate in the artistic expression inspired by live music, 2) connect with the musicians performing, and 3) to engage a younger audience with classical music.

Marketing Material:


As the lead designer on the project, my job has been to create a brand identity. The logo represents the intersection of collaboration between music and technology. I felt the layered logo was the best representation of what this project was about.  

The marketing postcard for the Fringe Festival was about introducing the musicians and the subtle design on top of the photo was to introduce the concept of 01X. Art and technology meeting together to create an interactive performance. The challenge was designing for only one side.


01X Website/App:


The website is meant to be a place where people can go to explore what has been done during the performances and get to know the musicians and tech team. The website maintenance is my responsibility and the content is written by one of my partners. 

For every concert the app will be used to collect data that will be shown visually while the musicians play. The app will also direct audience members to the website and used for an augmented reality component. 

The website can be seen at project01x.com

Website Password: digitalX3

Interactive Performance Design - Cue Piece:

For the Cue piece, I have been working closely with the Sound ExChange musician, Kurt Fedde. Together we have created two performances, one being the Imagine RIT Festival concert and the other will be played at future concerts this coming Spring. The first half is based upon audience votes and together the audience advances each musician through 6 cells while the visuals build simultaneously. The second half of the performance the musicians no longer rely on audience votes and play a musical piece with animation playing in the background. 

For both concert concepts I created the visuals and came up with the interactivity for the programmers to use in their code. The second half, being motion graphics will be done by me. The motion graphic piece furthers the understanding of the pattern(s) and creates a harmonious effect to the entire Cue piece.