01X Project


Branding, Print, App and Web


The 01X Project is a digital intersection of music, art & audience. It was an experimental two year project that challenged the access to contemporary classical music. By asking audience members to contribute to a live performance, it changed passive viewers into active ones. Using smart devices, audience members could interact with the performers in various ways, creating a new experience each time.

As a partner and lead designer, I was instrumental in designing the 01X brand, app, performance visuals and the concept behind Cue. Cue is a voting base performance that altered the music based on audience votes. Votes were visualized using a pattern. This project largely taught me how to work collaboratively across multiple disciplines and organization skills were heavily utilized.


01X Project was accepted into the 2014 Rochester Fringe Festival and 2014 and 2015 Rochester Institute of Technology Imagine Festival


Cue Performance


Music by Kurt Fedde • Visuals by Katie Verrant