Child's Diabetes App

Concept: To create a monitoring app for parents who have children with diabetes that monitors their glucose levels and insulin intake and a communication system for parents to leave reminders




Having many friends with diabetes, I have watched as their parents came to school daily to ensure their child was okay. With this observation creating a monitoring app for parents seemed like a logical step. When child go to kindergarden or even elementary school diabetes is a disease that needs to be looked after and the child of that age does not have that maturity. With this app theoretically parents can monitor glucose levels, change and create the proper insulin intake, view result history and send reminders that go directly to the child's monitor for them to read.  

For the project I did extensive amount of research on diabetes. It is a very complex disease, with every case being slightly unique. Along the way I created several versions of wireframes and comps. The one I went with I think is the best simplest solution for any tech. level parent.