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Product Design


Xometry is a manufacturing software company that allows engineers and makers to upload 3D models and get an instant quote. The platform allows customers to quote in 9 processes and over 200 materials. In order to give a customer an instant quote a process and material must be applied. The default rule before this implementation was to quote the customer in the least expensive option. Customers could then change the process and material. When a customer uploads a part they are shown all our materials at once. This experience is overwhelming and causes issues with finding the process and material they need. 

After conducting user interviews I discovered there are two types of customers. Customers either know exactly what they want or they have a general sense of what they are looking for. This lead me to design an intro page that would filter the amount of options the customer sees on the quote summary. The intro page could not directly ask customers what they were looking for because of the way Xometry structured their material options. For the MVP solution I came up with three questions that would filter the material options down. These three questions can be answered by customers who knew exactly what they want and by those who have a general sense of what they are looking for. 


Urban Tropics


Print Design


Urban Tropics is a group of DJs in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area. They perform monthly at local clubs. For each poster, they ask different designers to capture their vibe with photos, illustrations, typography, etc. For October I was asked to create a poster using reggae music as inspiration. 

Playing off their group name, I imagined a woman flipping her hair while coming out of the ocean. I googled photos and tried capturing that moment. While I was searching Pinterest for inspiration I found a poster with tons of headphone jacks. It encouraged me to illustrate the dreads as headphone jacks. The background pattern was inspired by Afro fashion. 



Etna Wine School


Logo Design


Etna Wine School (EWS) is in Sicily, Italy. The client and I met on an airplane and several months after our encounter I was contacted to redesign the school's logo. I was particular interested in this project because I love wine and my Dad's family is from Southern Italy. 

The client shared the history of Etna and why the volcano's ash makes good wine. He also shared that after wine tastings, the tables are full of wine stains. After sharing several iterations and deciding to use wine rings, I wanted to try and bring in some volcano-esk elements. Do you see it? 



Greatest Hotels


Web Design


The Greatest Hotels website was a client-based school project that was completed in a 16 week GUI course. The top designs were going to be used as inspiration for the new website. Seven designs were chosen and my design placed fourth out of 60 students. The new website launched in November 2015. Besides having a winning design, this project was the reason I focused on UX.

The design brief lacked user information, so I conducted user interviews with family and friends. The data I gathered made designing the wireframes easier. Before this project, I always had blank canvas syndrome. It made me realize that user focus design was not only the right way to approach design, it gave meaning and context to what I was trying to solve.



Noteworthy Projects

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Xometry Quoting Engine

Xometry is a manufacturing software company that embodies American manufacturing and e-commerce experiences.



Rochester, NY is full of art and inspiration. I fell in love with their mission and helped spread it by designing their website and catalog book.


College Town Dogs

"Can you cartoon my dog?", was the start of the conversation for the logo design.


01X Project

Experience digital intersection of music, art & audience! Spent two years re