Web App

Xometry redesigned their corporate site in 2017 with help from a design agency. The agency created a style guide that could be used in other products, like the quote platform. While retrofitting the quote platform, I made a few UX improvements. The original design was developed before the company had a UX designer.

The three main improvements were:

  1. Allowing customers to filter the displayed material groups before uploading a part
  2. Rearranging the materials tab layout to better the flow
  3. Updating the account's UX and UI 

1. Filtering the material groups is important because the amount of information a customer sees can be reduced if we know what they are looking for. Asking three simple questions can quickly help us achieve this goal.

2. The original materials tab layout made the customer jump around too much and miss out on important selections. Mainly the material options, which is crucial because the customers needs to drill down in the selected materials group in order to arrive at the desired material. 

3. Having editable fields displayed at all times is problematic. Customers can assume automatic saving or accidentally save unwanted changes because they didn't know they typed in field A when they wanted to only change field B.  


Print and Web

WALL\THERAPY is a Rochester, NY non-profit that has artists from around the world paint murals in a week long festival to help beautify the city. I got involved with WALL\THERAPY in late 2013 when the co-curator asked me to design their yearly catalog book. I fell in love with the organization and the efforts they do to help rebuild Rochester and their support for local artists. 

In 2014 I took lead in orchestrating WALL\THERAPY’s presence on the Google Cultural Institute project as well as redesigned WALL\THERAPY's website. Even though I have moved away from Rochester, I stay involved by managing their web content and volunteering with any other projects they have going on.  



Etna Wine School (EWS) is in Sicily, Italy.  I met this client on an airplane and several months after our encounter I was contacted to redesign the school's logo. This particular project was fun because I love wine and my Dad's family is from Southern Italy. 

This project took about three months to complete. The client and I had great back and forth ideas and arrived at a logo we were both happy with. EWS is one of five clients I have had the pleasure of working with. 

01X Project

Branding, Print, App and Web

The 01X Project is a digital intersection of music, art & audience. It was an experimental two year project that challenged the access to contemporary classical music. By asking audience members to contribute to a live performance, it changed passive viewers into active ones. Using smart devices, audience members could interact with the performers in various ways, creating a new experience each time.

My role in the project included being a partner and lead designer. 01X branding and all design elements were done by me as well as the concept behind Cue. Cue was a voting base performance that altered the music based on audience votes. Votes were visualized using a pattern. This project largely taught me how to work collaboratively across multiple disciplines and organization skills were heavily utilized when working on all the performance pieces. 

Greatest Hotels


The Greatest Hotels project was done in a 16 week GUI class. Aviatech was the client and they picked 7 designs to help create their new Greatest Hotels website. My design placed 4th out of 60 student designs. The new website launched November 2015 and revealed the elements they used from my design.       

The user story was created from interviews I conducted and competitive research was performed. Information architecture and wireframe interaction notes were written for the Aviatech team. 

Dooney & Bourke


Designing the Dooney and Bourke purse company app was a fictitious project done in school. After reading both Android and iOS design guides, the goal was to create native interactions off the three described layouts (hierarchical, content and flat). The iOS UI was designed first and the burgundy theme followed through to the Android UI. 

Wireframing the interactions made me realize user experience was something I wanted to pursue as a career. The research that went into this project helped make the process easier. I learned doing extensive competitive and user research before designing helps tremendously with usability. 


Listed below are the clients I have had the pleasure of working with. 


Etna Wine School


Mill Art Center & Gallery

01X Project

K Street Capital