2018 Quote Engine Redesign

Product Design


Xometry is a manufacturing software company that allows engineers and makers to upload 3D models and get an instant quote. The legacy interface worked well, but in the last year Xometry has focused on becoming more of an e-commerce platform. Since October of 2017, the product team and I used this goal to reimagine the quote summary and modify part experience. 

Our goals were:

  1. Create an e-commerce experience that looked familiar to our customers 
  2. Increase quotes and orders by creating an inviting and memorable experience
  3. Increase visibility into what is applied to the part (process/material, finish, feature, inspection and notes) to minimize mistakes

Through user interviews and several different user tests, the product team and I arrived at an MVP solution. In addition to user research, I did extensive e-commerce best practice research and competitive analysis. Since complete product roll out, Xometry has broken several sales goals. We have broken and continue to break most quotes in a day, we had our highest weekly revenue the week we released to all customers and we registered the the highest amount of new companies in a week.    


Quoting Engine Demo